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2016 Writers For Hope Auction WINNERS

Find the winning bids next to the Item numbers below! 


A small number of bids had to be disqualified as they came in after 11:59:59pm EST.

Thank you all so much for your understanding and your incredible generosity!

What do you do now?

  • Go to this RAINNmaker page and donate your bid amount by FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016. 

  • There is a "Message to RAINN" section in the donation form. In it please include the name you won the prize under and the Item # of the prize you've won. 

  • Once you've received a confirmation of your donation, please email, with the Item # in the subject line and you will receive the information you need to get in touch with your donor. If you won a book, please include the address where you would like the book sent in your email. 

  • And, finally...

Read, write, and be merry!

Query Critiques:

Item #1 (Winner: Kelsey, 11:43:57pm)

Item #2 (Winner: Kimberly Moynahan, 11:53:51pm)

Item #3 (Winner: Caroline Arnoul, 11:59:41pm)

Item #4 (Winner: Meredith Ireland, 8:49:36pm)

Item #5 (Winner: Nicole, 11:24:53pm)

Item #6 (Winner: Lauren Johnson Patton, 9:11:35pm)

Item #7 (Winner: Ellen, 2:35:48pm)

Item #8 (Winner: Lauren Johnson Patton, 9:09:48pm)

Item #9 (Winner: RuthWalker, 11:53:12pm)

Item #10 (Winner: HD, 10:41:08pm)

First Chapter Critiques:

Item #11 (Winner: Silas Champion, 11:32:38pm)

Item #12 (Winner: BevBaird, 7:18:03pm)

Item #13 (Winner: Rachel, 9:30:50pm)

Item #14 (Winner: Amy Newsham, 4:08:33pm)

Item #106 (Winner: Kelly Barina, 11:57:21pm)

Item #107 (Winner: BevBaird, 7:16:20pm)

Three Chapters Critique:

Item #108 (Winner: Amy Townsend, 1:49:59pm)

Developmental Editing Critiques:

Item #15 (Winner: Brian, 11:59:28pm)

Item #16 (Winner: RuthWalker, 11:54:22pm)

Item #17 (Winner: Amy Townsend, 8:29:24am)

Consultation Calls:

Item #18 (Winner: Amy Townsend, 1:42:31pm)

Item #19 (Winner: ChristinaMcKnight, 2:20:40pm)

Item #20 (Winner: Frannie, 11:04:55pm)

Item #21 (Winner: Nicole, 11:24:22pm)

Full Manuscript Critiques:

Item #22 (Winner: Jennifer Mannering, 11:56:46pm)

Item #23 (Winner: Kelly Barina, 11:57:51pm)

Item #24 (Winner: Jennifer Mannering, 11:57:10pm)

Item #25 (Winner: Brian, 11:58:51pm)

Item #26 (Winner: mary, 11:59:42pm)

Item #27 (Winner: Kelly Barina, 11:58:18pm)

Item #28 (Winner: Shanna Green, 11:59:34pm)

Item #112 (Winner: Meredith Ireland, 11:58:29pm)

Combo Critique Packages:

Item #29 (Winner: BevBaird, 11:56:20pm)

Item #30 (Winner: Laura Whitney, 8:30:39pm)

Item #31 (Winner: Amy Newsham, 3:59:15pm)

Item #32 (Winner: tracy, 11:59:05pm)

Item #33 (Winner: Caryn, 11:00:44pm)

Item #34 (Winner: Ann Marjory K, 3:37:58pm)

Item #35 (Winner: Kelly Barina, 11:54:29pm)

Item #36 (Winner: Julia E., 10:28:58am)

Item #37 (Winner: Caroline Arnoul, 11:54:57pm)

Item #38 (Winner: BevBaird, 7:24:55pm)

Item #39 (Winner: Farina Ackerman, 11:57:56pm)

Item #40 (Winner: Amy Townsend, 1:46:33pm)

Item #41 (Winner: Kelly Barina, 11:55:06pm)

Item #42 (Winner: Katie Carroll, 2:49:33pm)

Item #43 (Winner:, 2:23:17pm)

Item #44 (Winner: Ann Marjory K, 3:40:18pm)

Item #45 (Winner: Julia E., 7:21:28pm)

Item #46 (Winner: Chelly Pike, 9:46:33pm)

Item #47 (Winner: Sarah, 7:31:51pm)

Item #48 (Winner: TONY, 11:59:54pm)

Item #49 (Winner: Kelly Barina, 11:58:35pm)

Animation Script Critique:

Item #50 (Winner: Ellen, 2:37:18pm)

Book Promotion Package:

Item #109 (Winner: Kate S, 11:38:14pm)

E-Book Publishing Contract

Item #111 (Winner: Violetta Rand, 8:46:46pm)


(Winner: Mikki, 10:51:09am)

(Winner: Sandra Moore, 9:05:21pm)

(Winner: Kathrine Vanderbush, 1:59:08pm)

(Winner: Katharine Rossiello, 9:28:11pm)

(Winner: Christine, 2:20:53pm)

(Winner: L.M. Hersch, 9:23:10pm)

(Winner: Mel Riggins, 10:18:35pm)

(Winner: Jan farnworth, 6:38:19pm)

(Winner: Katharine Rossiello, 9:29:20pm)

(Winner: Dru Ann Robertson, 3:40:19pm)

(Winner: Kelly, 10:07:04pm)

(Winner: Dru Ann Robertson, 3:41:18pm)

(Winner: Micky Barnard, 1:11:06pm)

(Winner: Katharine Rossiello, 9:29:58pm)

(Winner: Tony, 12:58:26pm)

(Winner: Frannie, 11:18:25pm)

(Winner: Tony, 12:58:51pm)

(Winner: Dahlia Adler, 3:40:50pm)

(Winner: Nicole, 11:40:29pm)

(Winner: Nicole, 11:31:42pm)

(Winner: Janet Tait, 11:44:29am)

(Winner: Christine, 1:00:32pm)

(Winner: Lorinda Ravo, 10:48:08pm)

(Winner: Frannie, 11:16:13pm)

(Winner: Jackie K., 11:24:18pm)

(Winner: Jane, 8:52:34pm)

(Winner: Anna Weimer, 11:39:21pm)

(Winner: Morgan Witham Hiltz, 11:29:48pm)

(Winner: Aria G, 8:08:30pm)

(Winner:, 2:37:25pm)

(Winner: Lorinda Ravo, 10:58:41pm)

(Winner: Katharine Rossiello, 9:31:38pm)

(Winner: Nicole, 11:32:39pm)

(Winner: Katharine Rossiello, 11:12:20pm)

(Winner: Ami Allen-Vath, 10:27:43pm)

(Winner: Frannie, 11:12:33pm)

(Winner: Jackie K., 11:25:19pm)

(Winner: Frannie, 11:20:24pm)

(Winner: C. Harrigan, 11:27:03pm)

(Winner: G. Donald Cribbs, 4:36:52pm)

(Winner: C. Harrigan, 11:27:48pm)

(Winner: Frannie, 10:46:56pm)

(Winner: Jackie K., 11:23:12pm)

(Winner: Kelly, 10:12:17pm)

(Winner: Kay, 2:39:18pm)

(Winner: Amanda, 8:09:01pm)

(Winner: Katharine Rossiello, 9:45:56pm)

(Winner: Frannie, 11:10:02pm)

(Winner: L.M. Hersch, 9:22:45pm)

(Winner: Frannie, 11:11:23pm)

(Winner: Amy Townsend, 8:33:17am)

Bookish Accessories:

(Winner: Kay, 2:48:02pm) 

(Winner: Mel Riggins, 11:14:30pm)

(Winner: Nicole, 11:21:02pm)

(Winner: Meg Taintor, 3:01:14pm)

(Winner: Jen, 10:29:44pm)

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