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2019 Writers For Hope Donors

Get to know this year's EIGHTY-SIX Donors of Awesomeness!

Elizabeth Acevedo
Tomi Adeyemi
Dahlia Adler
S.K. Ali
Kathi Appelt
Ronni Arno
Veronica Bartles
Adam Bender
Brooks Benjamin
Brit Bennett
Hope Bolinger
Mackenzie Brady Watson
Juliana Brandt
Dianne Bright
Carrie Callaghan
Linda Camacho
Erin Casey
Heather Cashman
Tami Charles
Catherine Cho
Samantha M. Clark
Brandy Colbert
Julie Czerneda
Andra Day
The Dayna Clay Project
Pintip Dunn
Kat Enright
Kate Foster
Kellye Garrett
Shannon Gibney
Alex Gino
Aria Glazki
Maurene Goo
Serene Hakim
Annie Hwang
Beverly Jenkins
Anya Kagan
Sahara Kelly
Carole King
Dana Koster
Sarah LaPolla
Estelle Laure
Molly Lee
Jennifer Levine
Library Hotel
Christopher Mannino
MK McClintock
Joy McCullough
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The Dayna Clay Project

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