2021 Writers For Hope Auction Items

Narration Consultations:

Item #: 30 Minute Consult (by Tavia Gilbert)

Adult Books:


(Donated by Adam Bender)

Moms Kick Butt.jpg

(Donated by Dianne Bright)

Get A Life.jpg
Take A Hint.jpg
Act Your Age.jpeg

(Donated by Talia Hibbert)

The Boyfriend Project.jpg
The Dating Playbook.jpg

(Donated by Farrah Rochon)


(Donated by Nisha Sharma)

The Ex Talk.jpg

(Donated by Rachel Lynn Solomon)

The Good Assassin.jpg

(Donated by Stephan Talty)

Young Adult Books:

Cinderella is Dead.jpg

(Donated by Kalynn Bayron)

Dating Makes Perfect.jpg

(Donated by Pintip Dunn)


(Donated by Shannon Gibney)


(Donated by Shannon Gibney)

These Violent Delights.jpg

(Donated by Chloe Gong)

Meet Cute Diary.jpg

(Donated by Emery Lee)

Fat Chance Charlie Vega Cover Medium.jpg

(Donated by Crystal Maldonado)

Not the Girls.png

(Donated by Aminah Mae Safi)

Tell Me How You Really Feel.jpg

(Donated by Aminah Mae Safi)

All Your Fault.jpg

(Donated by Aminah Mae Safi)

Middle Grade Books:

The Wolf of Cape Fen.jpg

(Donated by Juliana Brandt)

A Wilder Magic.jpg

(Donated by Juliana Brandt)

From the Desk of Zoe Washington_front co

(Donated by Janae Marks)

Picture Books:

Untitled design (5).png

(Donated by Jason June)


(Donated by Joy McCullough)

Piggy & Pug.jpg

(Donated by Anne Wheaton)

Signed CDs:

CD Drive

(Donated by

Decor & Accessories:


(Donated by Gifted)

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