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Item #41: Query & First 10 Pages Critique



RESTRICTIONS: No novels in verse or graphic novels


Beth Phelan

Beth Phelan has been working in agencies since 2010, and was most recently an agent with The Bent Agency, before landing at Gallt & Zacker in late 2017. A lifelong reader, Beth represents authors of the kinds of books that drove her to love reading in the first place: middle-grade and young adult fiction. She gravitates toward stories and characters that inspire, and anything with a touch of humor and the bittersweet. She is very interested in powerful and unique storytelling, offbeat contemporary fiction, immersive fantasy, and profoundly resonant voices. Beth is also the creator of #DVpit, a Twitter pitch event for marginalized creators, which she launched in April 2016. Most of her time is spent reading, editing, and trying new recipes that end in either disaster or total bliss. (Results have been mixed.) These experiments can be found on #EATTHEBOOK on Instagram (@beth_phelan), where she pairs new releases alongside food that looks like the book’s cover. 


Learn more about Beth on her website and follow her on Twitter!

Starting bid: $10

Any bids submitted before 12:00am on Monday, April 2, 2018 or after 11:59:59pm EST on Friday, April 6, 2018 will be deleted.

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