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Brandi Nicole

Brandi Nicole is a feminist storyteller, performer and survivor advocate. While she started off as an actor, Brandi fell in love with the storytelling process after writing & producing MUTED, a short film about media discrepancy when a child of color goes missing, that was acquired by HBO and to date has just over 168k views on YouTube via Issa Rae’s #ShortFilmSundays. She followed that up by making ALOHA, a short film that was awarded the Emergence Filmmaker Grant and was based in part on her experience of developing H.E.L.L.P. Syndrome, a life-threatening complication, while pregnant with her third child. Since then, Brandi has worked in various support staff roles including Showrunner’s Assistant on CURVES (BET) and as the Writers’ Assistant for YOUR HONOR (Showtime) and HAPPY FACE (Paramount+) where she co-wrote episode 108. Brandi was recently promoted to Staff Writer for Season 2 of YOUR HONOR (Showtime) and is just beginning film festival submissions for her latest short SPIN, a psychological drama co-directed by Jen West, that is a proof of concept for what they hope will be their first feature.

Chat with Brandi for 30 minutes on Zoom - ask questions about screenwriting and/or filmmaking! 

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