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Carrie Callaghan

Carrie Callaghan is the author of the historical novels A Light of Her Own (2018) and Salt the Snow (2020), both from Amberjack/CRP. Her short stories have been published in multiple literary journals, and she is a senior editor with the Washington Independent Review of Books. She lives in Maryland with her family and three ridiculous cats. She loves seasons of all kinds, history, and tea.


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Two bottle sweaters and and a signed copy of  the winner's choice of Carrie's historical novels, Salt the Snow or A Light of Her Own.

Salt the Snow

American journalist Milly Bennett has covered murders in San Francisco, fires in Hawaii, and a civil war in China, but 1930s Moscow presents her greatest challenge yet. When her young Russian husband is suddenly arrested by the secret police, Milly tries to get him released. But his arrest reveals both painful secrets about her marriage and hard truths about the Soviet state she has been working to serve. Disillusioned, and pulled toward the front lines of a captivating new conflict, Milly must find a way to do the right thing for her husband, her conscience, and her heart.

A Light of Her Own

Judith Leyster aims to be the first woman to enter the Haarlem painter's guild, at the time of such greats as Rembrandt and Frans Hals. But a woman’s ambition is an unwanted commodity in 17th century Holland, and Judith struggles to earn the respect and funds to open her own workshop. 

Meanwhile Judith’s closest friend, Maria, is a Catholic in a country where that faith is banned, and she plans to absolve her sins by recovering a lost saint’s relic. Both women’s destinies will be shaped by not only their ambitions, but those of the city’s most powerful men, whose plans spell disaster for Judith. But Judith has always fought to make her own way...

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