Colleen Oefelein

Author CM McCoy (aka Colleen Oefelein) has one pointed ear, an 80-pound “puppy” from Hell, and a very active imagination. She’s well aware nobody can say or spell her real last name, hence the pen name. You can call her Colleen.

She’s a retired Air Force officer, an author, a blogger, and the PR manager for Inklings Literary Agency. When she’s not chatting with her imaginary friends, she’s either stuck in a book or interviewing with PEOPLE Magazine, ABC’s 20/20, the local morning news show, or INSIDE EDITION, where she promotes writing for mental and emotional health. She also mentors pre-published authors through workshops and contests and runs Totem Head’s Annual Free Writing Contest for Kids, now in its ninth year.

Though she holds a BS in both Chemical Engineering and German (Penn State), she’s far happier writing near misses and awkward kisses. Some of her off-the-wall talents include speaking in 10-codes (which she learned working 911-dispatch for Alaska State Troopers), flying helicopters, and Irish dance. Her debut, EERIE, a teen paranormal adventure with romance, released in Dec 2015 by Omnific/Simon & Schuster.

In the business world, Colleen is the PR Manager for Inklings Literary Agency, where she also works as an agent assistant under literary agent extraordinaire Michelle Johnson.

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