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2021 Writers For Hope Auction Winners

Total Raised


in bids &

direct donations

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and bidders, we will have raised $6,684 once all bids have been donated!

This will support RAINN in continuing its vital work with survivors and their loved ones. 

See your name among our generous winners and wondering what you do next?

  • Go to this RAINNmaker page and donate your highest bid amount by FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2021. 

  • There is a "Message to RAINN" section in the donation form. In it please include the name you won the prize under and the Item # of the prize you've won. 

  • Once you've received a confirmation of your donation, please email, with the Item # in the subject line and you will receive the information you need to get in touch with your donor. If you won a book, please include the address where you would like the book sent in your email. 

Didn't win the item you bid on, but still want to support the great work RAINN is doing? Donate directly to them here!

Again, thank you for your continued support and generosity!!

Query Critiques:

Item #1: Query Critique (by Serene Hakim)

PAID (Ashley Myers)

Item #2: Query Critique (by Serene Hakim)

PAID (Tia)

Item #3: Query Critique (by Diana Pho)

PAID (Monique Asher)

Item #4: Query Critique (by Rebecca Strauss)

PAID (Ashley Myers)

Item #5: Query Critique (by Saba Sulaiman)

PAID (Nina Grauer)

Item #6: Query Critique (by Laurel Symonds)

PAID (Meghan Redmile)

First Pages Critiques:

Item #80: 10 Pages Critique (by Shelly Romero)

PAID (SarahMAnderson)

Item #7: 15 Pages Critique (by Meredith Ireland)

PAID (Amy Z. Chan)

Item #8: 25 Pages Critique (by Kellye Garrett)

PAID (Sara Spock)

Item #9: 30 Pages Critique (by Brooks Benjamin)

PAID (Benjamin Adams)

Item #10: 35 Pages Critique (by Erica Ridley)

PAID (Meghan Redmile)

Item #11: 50 Pages Critique (by Heather Cashman)

PAID (Tia)

Item #12: 50 Pages Critique (by Heather Cashman)

PAID (Em J Beach)

Item #13: 50 Pages Critique (by Adriana Herrera)

PAID (Amy Z. Chan)

Item #14: 50 Pages Critique (by Estelle Laure)

PAID (Meghan Redmile)

Item #15: First Chapter Critique (by Sarah LaPolla)

PAID (Ashley Myers)

Item #16: First Three Chapters Critique (by Juliana Brandt)

PAID (Lori Sullivan)

Writing Consultations:

Item #81: 30 Minute Conversation (by Scarlett Cole)

PAID (Alicia Zeller)

Item #17: 30 Minute Consult (by Nisha Sharma)

PAID (Tamara Girardi)

Item #18: 15 Hours of Mentoring (by Samantha Clark)

PAID (wes)

Item #19: Plot Consultation (by Rebecca Petruck)

PAID (Jessica Valeske)

Narration Consultations:

Item #20: 30 Minute Consult (by Tavia Gilbert)

PAID (Joy McCullough)

Combo Critique Packages:

Item #21: Query & First 5 Pages Critique (by Lauren Spieller)

PAID (Benjamin Adams)

Item #22: Query & First 10 Pages Critique (by Stephen Morgan)

PAID (Tia)

Item #23: Query & First 10 Pages Critique (by Caitlin Sinead)

PAID (Ashley Myers)

Item #24: Query & First 20 Pages Critique (by Van Newell)

PAID (Tia)

Item #25: Query & First 50 Pages Critique (by Foyinsi Adegbonmire)


Item #26: Submission Package Critique (by Sarah LaPolla)

PAID (Tia)

Item #27: Submission Package Critique (by Kyrie McCauley)

PAID (Meghan Redmile)

Winner's Choice:

Full Manuscript Critiques

Item #29: Picture Book Manuscript Critique (by Natalie Lakosil)

PAID (Marple)

Item #30: Up to 3 Picture Book Manuscripts Critique (by Kathi Appelt)

PAID (Jennifer Blanck)

Item #31: Full Manuscript Critique (by Anya Kagan)

PAID (Elizabeth Long)

Screenplay Critiques & Consultations:

Adult Books:


(Donated by Adam Bender)

PAID (Brynne S)

Moms Kick Butt.jpg

(Donated by Dianne Bright)

PAID (Lorinda Ravo)


(Donated by Carrie Callaghan)

PAID (Abe B)


(Donated by Dayna Clay Band)

PAID (cassie)


(Donated by Scarlett Cole)

PAID (annette reavis)

Get A Life.jpg
Take A Hint.jpg
Act Your Age.jpeg

(Donated by Talia Hibbert)

PAID (Amy Dickinson)


(Donated by Valerie Mikles)

PAID (Marple)




(Donated by Nick Offerman)

PAID (Scott S)

The Boyfriend Project.jpg
The Dating Playbook.jpg

(Donated by Farrah Rochon)

PAID (Cody Lindsey)


(Donated by Nisha Sharma)

PAID (Lorinda Ravo)


(Donated by Courtenay Stallings)

PAID (Aaron Cohen)


(Donated by Courtenay Stallings)

PAID (Maria)


(Donated by Courtenay Stallings)

PAID (Lorinda Ravo)

The Good Assassin.jpg

(Donated by Stephan Talty)

PAID (Nat)

Reckless Memories Cover.jpg
Perfect Wreckage Cover.jpg
Wrecked Palace Cover.jpg
Reckless Refuge Cover.jpg

(Donated by Catherine Cowles)

PAID (Angela)


(Donated by Lexi Blake)

PAID (Tracey Reid)


(Donated by Carly Phillips)

PAID (Angela)

Young Adult Books:

Cinderella is Dead.jpg

(Donated by Kalynn Bayron)

PAID (Rebecca W.)

Sound of Stars.jpg

(Donated by Alechia Dow)

PAID (Krista M)

Dating Makes Perfect.jpg

(Donated by Pintip Dunn)

PAID (Casey McCall)

The Gilded Ones.jfif

(Donated by Namina Forna)

PAID (Liz Ambrose)


(Donated by Shannon Gibney)

PAID (Lorinda Ravo)


(Donated by Shannon Gibney)

PAID (Nitya)

These Violent Delights.jpg

(Donated by Chloe Gong)

PAID (Jen F)

Meet Cute Diary.jpg

(Donated by Emery Lee)

PAID (Nitya)

Fat Chance Charlie Vega Cover Medium.jpg

(Donated by Crystal Maldonado)

PAID (Penny Olson)


(Donated by Gabe Cole Novoa)

PAID (Ali Clark)

Into The Black.jpg

(Donated by Gabe Cole Novoa)

PAID (Penny Olson)

Rising Gold.jpg

(Donated by Gabe Cole Novoa)

PAID (Ali Clark)

Not the Girls.png

(Donated by Aminah Mae Safi)

PAID (Nitya)

Tell Me How You Really Feel.jpg

(Donated by Aminah Mae Safi)

PAID (Anna Watson)

All Your Fault.jpg

(Donated by Aminah Mae Safi)

PAID (Rebecca W)

book shop gift card image.png


(Donated by Yvonne Ventresca)

PAID (Penny Olson)


(Donated by Halli Gomezi)

PAID (Lorinda Ravo)

Middle Grade Books:

The Wolf of Cape Fen.jpg

(Donated by Juliana Brandt)

PAID (Penny Olson)

A Wilder Magic.jpg

(Donated by Juliana Brandt)

PAID (Lorinda Ravo)

From the Desk of Zoe Washington_front co

(Donated by Janae Marks)

PAID (Penny Olson)

Picture Books:

Untitled design (5).png

(Donated by Jason June)

PAID (Teresa Leisenring)


(Donated by Joy McCullough)

PAID (Jen F)

We Are Still Here.jfif

(Donated by Traci Sorell)

PAID (Katherine McMahon)

Piggy & Pug.jpg

(Donated by Anne Wheaton)

PAID (Liz Ambrose)

Decor & Accessories:


(Donated by Jen Ferguson)

PAID (Reeves)


(Donated by Gifted)

PAID (Nat)


(Donated by Kreations)

PAID (Dianne Bright)


(Donated by Litographs)

PAID (Ali Clark)

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