Crystal Allen

Crystal Allen was born in a military hospital in Germany because her dad was in the Army. She's the youngest of five children.

She spent lots of her young years in New Albany, Indiana where she was corn-shucking and multiplication queen of her third grade class.

She's ambidextrous, which means she can write with both hands.


She wore a wig to school her entire fifth grade year because she hated her hair.

She had two dates to an eighth grade sweetheart dance in which she was a candidate for Sweetheart Queen. (whoops!) She apologized to both guys because one had asked her very, very early and she'd forgotten. It was awkward for awhile, but then all three of them shrugged, got on the dance floor and shook what their mommas gave them! Ended up being one of the best dances ever!

In high school, she taught everyone in their choir to do the robot and they performed it in a concert.

Like Lamar, she had asthma. She grew out of it, though, when she was 16.

She's married, has two sons and they live in Texas. Her husband's parents and siblings are from Tennessee and when they come to visit, they have a Texas/Tennessee bowling war where they all talk trash and try to bowl like Lamar.

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