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Jennifer Mills enjoys her San Diego soccer-mom lifestyle. But it all changes the day she meets Jadan, an attractive paraplegic day trader, with a turquoise gate tattoo. He can read her mind and press his thoughts into her head without speaking. 

Jennifer discovers her new identity as the daughter of Zyon, head military guard to the King of the Realm Beyond. For now she can only visit in her dreams and visions. Can she make their world part of her own reality too?  

Jadan gives Jennifer three mystical gems-- red for hiding her identity, yellow to calm her, and orange to guide her in flight. Each one draws her closer to her new nature, pulling her away from the earthly realm. Will she be able to hang on? 

Jennifer must leave her children to go on a save-the-world medallion hunt. But that means she must choose a divided life, and she's not sure she can do both well. She also has major concerns for her best friend, Kristin, who gets mixed up with bad blood. Can she save her too?

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Dianne Bright

Dianne Bright obtained her BA in Spanish and her MA in Spanish American Literature. She has written for a variety of magazines and professional blogs, including Scholastic. She reviews titles for a few publishers, including James Patterson's group.

Dianne used to teach college-level Spanish and ESL, but now enjoys being a full-time writer and community volunteer. She lives in southern California with her husband, their children, dog, cat, and parrot. 

She has traveled across the US, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico; she has also been to the Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and France. In high school and college, she studied abroad in southern Japan and Mexico City. 

Book one of her young adult fantasy duology is on query via her agent, Hope Bolinger with Cyle Young Literary Elite.

Learn more about Dianne on her website and follow her on Twitter!

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