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Gabe is a Latinx trans masculine author who writes speculative fiction featuring marginalized characters grappling with identity. When they aren’t working on their next book, completing freelance editorial work, or buried under their grad school work or TBR pile, you’ll likely find them making heart-eyes at the latest article of guys clothes they want to add to their wardrobe. They are the author of the Beyond the Red trilogy, written under their former pseudonym, Ava Jae, and run a popular writing-focused YouTube channel, bookishpixie, which currently has over 25,000 subscribers. 

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The world ruler is dead, technology foundational to their society destroyed, and Safara is on the brink of collapse. Half-human, half-alien Eros is the rightful heir to the world throne, but before he can return to the capital, he’s abducted by a rebel group of humans who call themselves The Remnant―and won’t release him until he swears to help them overthrow the very government he’s inheriting. With Eros missing, ex-queen Kora is determined to stave off mad grabs for the throne. But as royalty from across the territories flock to the capital, and a new charismatic candidate takes the spotlight, Kora sets off into the desert with a skilled prince-turned-bounty hunter to find Eros before it’s too late for both the future king and his kingdom.

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