Item #77: Book Themed Diaper Cake

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RESTRICTIONS: Available to United States Addresses only

You pick the picture book and the diaper size -- Gifted will design the diaper cake to match. Perfect for baby showers or toddler birthdays!

The diaper cake will be shipped to you within six weeks of your letting Gifted know your book choice.




One of Kelly Johnson's (your friendly, neighborhood auctioneer) earliest gifting memories is being nine years old, sitting on her mother's bed watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and wrapping the gift she'd gotten for her younger sister. It was a stationary set that had a giant cartoon tea set on it. And she remember just feeling like she'd nailed it. Thus began her lifetime love affair with finding the perfect presents.

Today, that love had grown into a full on vocation. Whether it's big or small, for an important event or a simple "thinking of you," there's little Kelly enjoys more than helping folks find the exact gifts they need for their loved ones and a little more time for themselves.

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