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Gina M. Bennett

Gina M Bennett is a long-standing member of the Senior Analytic Service at the Central Intelligence Agency and currently on assignment as the Senior Advisor in the Directorate of Strategic Operational Planning in the National Counterterrorism Center. Ms. Bennett is a seasoned counterterrorism specialist who authored the earliest warnings about Osama Bin Laden and the extremist movement he inspired. Her analysis and career have been covered by major media outlets, featuring her role in raising women's voices in national security,  Intelligence, and counterterrorism for over three decades. Ms. Bennett is a  mother of 5 children; serves as an active honorary board member of Girl  Security -- a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating pathways for girls  to enter national security careers; and is an adjunct professor at  Georgetown University. She received her bachelor's degree at the  University of Virginia and her masters as a distinguished graduate of the  Marine Corps War College. 

As the author of “National Security Mom” and “National Security Mom 2:  America Needs a Timeout," Ms. Bennett has advocated for understanding  America’s national security, not as the tangible safety of US borders and  buildings, but as the resilience and courage required to remain true to our national character in the face of adversity—a lesson she learned as a  survivor of incest.

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