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A mom and her daughter set out on a magical adventure in search of unicorns encountering enchanting characters along the way! Featuring original paintings by artist & actress Glorinda Marie. This delightful book is dedicated to moms; the most memorable adventures we take in life are shared with those we love.

Plus a gift basket filled with fun, festive and fantastical treats!

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Joany Kane

Joany’s first Christmas movie, "The Christmas Card," premiered on the Hallmark Channel in 2006. It shattered all time ratings records, received an Emmy nomination and is credited as one of the major inspirations for the current holiday movie craze. Her movie “A Christmas Kiss” broke ratings records for ION and spawned 2 sequels. Joany has had 18 holiday movies produced, including 3 that premiered the holiday season 2022. She is the original founder and creator of the streamer Passionflix. In 2020 Joany teamed up with actress/artist Glorinda Marie to create a children’s picture book, “My Unicorn Adventure with Mom,” to honor moms. Joany met Glorinda through her movie “The Christmas Card;” Glorinda co-starred in the movie (the feisty waitress who serves the chicken salad club sandwich with curly fries, extra crispy.) Joany's website:

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