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Kellye Garrett

Kellye Garrett is the author of Like A Sister about a black woman in New York City looking into the mysterious overdose of her estranged reality star sister. In addition to being featured on the TODAY show, the suspense novel was a Book of the Month April 2022 selection, the Oxygen channel’s July Book Club pick, an Edgar award finalist for Best Novel and Lefty award nominee for Best Mystery. The cofounder of Crime Writers of Color also wrote the Detective by Day lightweight mysteries, which have won the Anthony, Agatha, Lefty and IPPY awards. Learn more at


The Detective by Day series are lightweight mysteries that draw on Kellye’s experiences working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. She often encountered the various people chasing fame, be it a sprint, a marathon or a journey that never quite reaches the finish line. These are the people who populate Dayna Anderson’s world.

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