Item #24: 2 Hour Consultation

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The winner of this item gets two hours to do book related things. Preferred genres are sci-fi, fantasy, and thrillers.


The time can include me reading pages and giving feedback, giving general writing or writing business advice, brainstorming plot issues via synopsis, teaching specific writing skills, messaging, skype call, combinations of all those things, or whatever else the winner wants.


With two hours, I could critique 10 to 20 pages (based on how much critique they need and the type of feedback desired). I can look at a synopsis and would have time for multiple passes and a discussion of plot points. I could read 50 to 100 pages of your book and just tell you what I think.


My strengths are story structure and plotting, but I'm also a very good line editor, if you choose to go that direction. I'm not a good choice for query critiques, though I will look at yours if you want.


I will work with the winner to craft the package that fits them (and that will not count as part of the 2 hours). If you're wondering why I went with two hours instead of a page count, it's because sometimes ten pages takes 45 minutes, sometimes it takes two hours. It depends on what it needs.


RESTRICTIONS: Any skype chats are subject to us being able to work out a mutually acceptable time (which shouldn't be a problem). No erotica please. Please don't bid here hoping to get to my agent. She's wonderful, but that's not how things work.  

Michael Mammay

Michael is a science fiction writer. He is a retired army officer and a graduate of the United States Military Academy. He has a master’s degree in military history, and he currently teaches American literature. He is a veteran of Desert Storm, Somalia, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His debut novel, Planetside was published by Harper Voyager and came out in July, 2018, and was selected as a Library Journal best book of 2018. The audio book, narrated by RC Bray, was nominated for an Audie award. The sequel, Spaceside, hit the shelves on August 27th, 2019. The third book in the Planetside series is due out in December, 2020, and Michael has an additional stand-alone book with Voyager coming in late 2021/Early 2022. Michael lives with his wife in Georgia, and is represented by Lisa Rodgers of Jabberwocky Literary. 

Find out more about Michael on his website and follow him on Twitter!

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Starting bid: $10

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