Paul McComas

Paul is the author of six acclaimed works of fiction: two novels, two short-story collections, a novella and a suite of short plays. His first major nonfiction work, a scholarly film book, is in process for a university press. Paul is as recognized for his live performances and his original music and short films as he is for his writing -- all geared toward positive social outreach, progressive activism and healing. He is an award-winning teacher of film/media, literature and creative writing. Paul is honored to be a member of RAINN's National Leadership Council and its Speakers Bureau, and to collaborate with frequent creative partner Maya Kuper in the Dayna Clay Band to raise awareness and funds for his favorite charitable org! Paul's and Maya's album of songs from their popular stage show "Unplugged: A Survivor's Story in Scenes & Songs" - the proceeds of which benefited RAINN - was released in October 2017 from CAUDog Records in conjunction with the publication of the 15th-anniversary edition of his critically acclaimed novel Unplugged (John Daniel & Co.); an Unplugged indie feature film is in "pre-preproduction." Paul and wife Heather live in Evanston, Illinois with their rescue greyhound, Sam.


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