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Item #28: Critique of 15 Pages of Screenplay & Consult

Your Donor:

15 pages of screenplay critique with written feedback and 30 minute consult.

Open to any genre but NO animation, torture porn type horror (other horror ok), graphic novels.

Shari Hamrick-Grewal.jpg

Shari Hamrick-Grewal

Shari Hamrick-Grewal is an award-winning producer, writer, and director. In the past two years, she has produced four holiday films: Christmas Down Under, The Christmas Witness, A Christmas Thief, and The Christmas Garden (aka Winters’ Garden), which will release in 2023. She is currently in post on the action comedy "Gimme My Money" Starring Marci Miller, James Hong and more.


Shari is the head of production, post and distribution at Organic Media Group LLC. She also owns and runs GPS Film Fund, which has made seven feature films (including her holiday movies) and two series in the past few years.


She has been a producing executive on many films, such as “Mission Impossible III,” “Legend of Zorro,” “Man on Fire,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “The Interpreter,” and numerous television shows including “The Amazing Race,” “The Unit,” “Dog Eat Dog,” and “Seti the First.” Her clients include NBC, CBS, Fox, Sony, Warner, Paramount, Universal, Discovery Channel, SBS, and CCTV, to name a few.


Shari has been a Producers Guild of America member for twenty years and serves on the PGA Producers Council, International Film and TV Producers Council, FilmUSA committee, NATPE, AFM, British Film Institute, IFP board and The Basin Film Society.

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