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Item #57: Signed Book

S.K. Ali

S. K. Ali is a teacher and the author of Saints and Misfits, an Entertainment Weekly Top Ten YA Book of 2017 and a finalist for the American Library Association's 2018 William C. Morris award for best debut teen fiction. The novel has been hailed as a groundbreaking in its depiction of a Muslim-American teen's life. Keenly interested in a variety of genres and literary forms, S. K. Ali is currently working on books that reflect this love. She has a degree in Creative Writing and lives in Toronto with her family and a vocal cat named Yeti. 

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Suspended from school for standing up to an Islamophobic teacher, Zayneb is headed to Doha to stay with family, resigned to be “nicer” and let the injustices of the world slide off her shoulders from hereon.

Adam is headed to Doha too, struggling with a recent diagnosis, and resigned to keep his illness from friends and family.


Alone, both are playing roles for others. Together, will they learn to live their truths?

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