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Item #33: 1 Hour of Mentoring

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Ask questions about the business, writing or even any story problems you may be having on a project!


Susan Hurwitz Arneson 

Susan Hurwitz Arneson is a Television Writer and Producer best known for her work on six seasons of SOUTH PARK. She was with the show through three Emmy wins and one memorable death threat. Most recently she worked as a Writer and Co-Executive Producer on THE CONTINENTAL, MAGIC ORDER, PREACHER and THE TICK. In the past Susan has written for Seth MacFarlane’s BORDERTOWN, MR. ROBINSON starring Craig Robinson and MALIBU COUNTRY with Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin. Susan has also developed series for Fox Television Animation, MTV, Comedy Central and is currently adapting Anthony Bourdain’s HUNGRY GHOSTS for Sony Pictures Animation and Blumhouse Television. She received her MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. Go Bruins!

Starting bid: $10

Any bids submitted before 12:00am on Monday, April 5, 2021 or after 8:59:59pm EST on Friday, April 9, 2021 will be deleted.

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