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Traci Sorell

Traci lives with her family in the Cherokee Nation, out in the country like she did as a child. Back then, she had geese, chickens, horses, dogs and cats. Her mother’s Cherokee family has been in the area since the removal of most Cherokee people from their southeastern homelands in 1838. Traci grew up hearing stories about her ancestors and looking at their photographs with her elisi (eh-lee-see), grandma. Now her son does that with his elisi in addition to fishing in the nearby lake and learning their Cherokee culture. 

Before she began writing for children, Traci’s work focused on helping Native American tribes and their citizens. She wrote legal codes, testimony for Congressional hearings, federal budget requests, grants and reports. She continues that work by writing stories for young people and encouraging other Native writers and illustrators to share theirs. When Traci was a child, she never read culturally accurate books about the Cherokee or any other Indigenous people. The stories and poems she writes now reflect her mission to add to the canon of literature showing that Native Nations and their citizens still exist and thrive today. 

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River loves dancing in her jingle dress at the powwow with her family. But what will happen at this year’s event? She’s recently been ill, and, while she’s feeling better, she’s not as strong as usual. Will she dance or find another way to enjoy the event?

In this uplifting, contemporary Native story, River finds solace in the healing power of family and community.

Additional information explains the history and functions of powwows, which are commonplace across the United States and Canada and are open to both Native peoples and non-Native visitors.

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