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Valerie J. Mikles

Valerie is a PhD astronomer who defected from academia to work on weather satellites for NOAA. She is a science fiction author, choreographer, musician, and screenwriter. While developing her novels, she wrote and produced a series of comedic films about asexuals surviving in a hypersexual world, inspired by her own journey. She is a co-organizer of Rainbow Space Magic - an LGBTQ+ sci-fi and fantasy convention for readers and writers.

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The suspicious death of a young person forces Amber to question her world like she never has before. The Contentedness Council is after her, determined to protect their world. Now Amber must unbury her city’s repressed past, expose the crimes that led to their utopia, and find a way to stop the Council from killing the world...again. Join astral-projecting asexual Amber and her telepathic sister as they fight to save the human race from extermination! .


A collection of alien stories based on fan-submitted drawings

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