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Siblings Liza and Kerris are lonely, the sole inhabitants of the war-beaten city of Boone. When the spaceship Oriana flies near the city, Liza senses a hybrid on board - someone like her - and she draws them to ground. As she taps into the memories of the weary crew, she
discovers that she and her brother aren't the sole survivors of the civil war. She forms a desperate plan to prove that she is not a weapon of war, and in the process, may forever derail Oriana's hope to return home.

Valerie J. Mikles

Valerie is a PhD astronomer who defected from academia to work on weather satellites for NOAA. She is the author of The New Dawn science fiction series, so named because every new dawn is a new chance to make things right. While developing her novels, she wrote and produced a series of comedic films about asexuals surviving the hypersexual world, inspired by her own journey. In April, she celebrates the release of her new novel, The Qinali Virus.

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