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Kreations Cozy Hat

Kreations Book Decals

Novel Journal Pride & Prejudice Journal

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Magnetic Personality: Maya Angelou


Kelly Thayer, artists/owner of Kreations, has been creating art and craft items for as long as she can remember! A graduate of the University of Maine with a Bachelors degree in studio art, Kelly worked in all types of mediums from clay, to paint to wood.

In 2011 after her friends and family’s encouragement, she decided to open up shop, creating one of a kind custom items including hand painted glassware, signs and cozy knitted hats!

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

The origins of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild are shrouded in mystery. Some accounts trace the Guild's birth to Athens in the latter half of the 4th century BCE. Allegedly, several lesser philosophers grew weary of the endless Socratic dialogue endemic in their trade and turned to crafting household implements and playthings. (Hence the assertions that Socrates quaffed his hemlock poison from a Guild-designed chalice, though vigorous debate surrounds the question of whether it was a "disappearing" chalice.)

Others argue that the UPG dates from the High Middle Ages, when the Philosophers Guild entered the world of commerce by selling bawdy pamphlets to pilgrims facing long lines for the restroom. Business boomed until 1211 when Pope Innocent III condemned the publications. Not surprisingly, this led to increased sales, even as half our membership was burned at the stake.

More recently, revisionist historians have pinpointed the birth of the Guild to the time it was still cool to live in New York City's Lower East Side. Two brothers turned their inner creativity and love of paying rent towards fulfilling the people's needs for finger puppets, warm slippers, coffee cups, and cracking up at stuff.

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One of Kelly Johnson's (your friendly, neighborhood auctioneer) earliest gifting memories is being nine years old, sitting on her mother's bed watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and wrapping the gift she'd gotten for her younger sister. It was a stationary set that had a giant cartoon tea set on it. And she remember just feeling like she'd nailed it. Thus began her lifetime love affair with finding the perfect presents.

Today, that love had grown into a full on vocation. Whether it's big or small, for an important event or a simple "thinking of you," there's little Kelly enjoys more than helping folks find the exact gifts they need for their loved ones and a little more time for themselves.

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