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The Dayna Clay Project

PAUL McCOMAS is the author of six acclaimed works of fiction: two novels, two short-story collections, a novella and a suite of short plays. His first major nonfiction work, a scholarly film book, is in process for a university press. Paul is as recognized for his live performances and his original music and short films as he is for his writing — all geared toward positive social outreach, progressive activism and healing. He is an award-winning teacher of film/media, literature and creative writing. Paul is honored to be a member of RAINN’s National Leadership Council and its Speakers Bureau. Paul and wife Heather live in Evanston, Illinois.


MAYA KUPER is a writer and musician from Chicago, by way of small-town Iowa. The first woman to graduate from Northwestern University’s sound design program, Maya built a career as a film sound editor and voiceover producer, then switched gears to become a copywriter. When she’s not collaborating with Paul, Maya blogs about audio gear, makes keytar videos, and occasionally finds a free minute to work on her someday-to-be-released solo album, How to Score.

Learn more about Unplugged and the Dayna Clay Project on their website

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