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Unplugged is a tale of depression, recovery and self-reinvention. It’s also the story of how a young woman is taught and healed by nature -- by the very land beneath her feet.


Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison. And recently, Amy Winehouse. Each died at 27 as a result of drug abuse, despair, or both. And when Kurt Cobain took his own life at that age, his mother lamented, "I told him not to join that stupid club."


Unplugged imagines a woman whose membership in that club is denied -- but only barely. Dayna Clay struggles through the final concert of a wildly successful tour. Tormented by an ever-deepening depression, the 27-year-old rocker hands her guitar to a fan and beats a retreat. Forfeiting her career, she sets out incognito for parts unknown and winds up in the Badlands of South Dakota, where her growing connection to the land and to the people she meets there begins to heal the wounds of an abusive childhood.


Meanwhile, Dayna’s disappearance only serves to boost public interest in her -- and to fuel her skyrocketing record sales. Laboring to choose between her musical ambitions and the new life she has made, she finds herself stranded in a far-flung corner of the wilderness she has come to love. Saved from a suicide attempt earlier by nature, she now may perish by the very same hand...


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Book: UNPLUGGED: (15th Anniversary Edition), a novel by Paul McComas. This expanded 15th-anniversary edition of the critically acclaimed novel includes sheet music for the dozen "Dayna Clay" songs that the author composed in collaboration with creative partner Maya Kuper.


Album: UNPLUGGED: A Survivor’s Story in Scenes & Songs, a soundtrack by Maya Kuper & Paul McComas. Listen and sing along to the songs that chronicle Dayna's bumpy journey through the South Dakota Badlands, out of depression, and into self-discovery, healing, full embrace of her bisexuality, and love.


"From his sensitive and compelling portrayal of Dayna Clay in Unplugged to his longtime support of RAINN, Paul McComas has been an incredible advocate for survivors of sexual assault. Dayna’s story represents the daily struggle of millions of survivors." — Scott Berkowitz, co-founder and CEO, Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

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The Dayna Clay Project

PAUL McCOMAS is the author of six acclaimed works of fiction: two novels, two short-story collections, a novella and a suite of short plays. His first major nonfiction work, a scholarly film book, is in process for a university press. Paul is as recognized for his live performances and his original music and short films as he is for his writing — all geared toward positive social outreach, progressive activism and healing. He is an award-winning teacher of film/media, literature and creative writing. Paul is honored to be a member of RAINN’s National Leadership Council and its Speakers Bureau. Paul and wife Heather live in Evanston, Illinois.


MAYA KUPER is a writer and musician from Chicago, by way of small-town Iowa. The first woman to graduate from Northwestern University’s sound design program, Maya built a career as a film sound editor and voiceover producer, then switched gears to become a copywriter. When she’s not collaborating with Paul, Maya blogs about audio gear, makes keytar videos, and occasionally finds a free minute to work on her someday-to-be-released solo album, How to Score.

Learn more about Unplugged and the Dayna Clay Project on their website

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