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In these 31 reflections from Matthew, moms and grandmas discover how they can be more like Jesus in a #keepingitreal kind of way. Short and sweet, the goal is to help readers get back on track, including a response section at the end of each entry.

Casual and sassy, this book invites women who drink coffee and enjoy a glass of merlot. From loving jerks to confusion with prayer, it's mostly about being honest and remembering how much we've all been forgiven. Whether you're new to the faith or a mature believer, your takeaway is the same--just go deeper! And if you think Aquaman is hot, jump to reflection #20 (#justsaying).

MOMS KICK BUTT makes a great gift for an aunt, sister, or friend for her birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, or Christmas. While mom devotionals are a dime a dozen, this one targets the one lost sheep--recognizing we've all been lost at one time or another.

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Dianne Bright

Dianne Bright is a regular contributor with Reader's Digest via and She has written for a variety of magazines and professional blogs, including Scholastic. She reviews titles seasonally for a few publishers and is currently on the lookout for a new literary agent. She is also the founder of Green Idea Labs: a group of environmental influencers helping people and their pets to go green. She lives in southern California with her husband, their three teens, dog, cat, and two chickens.

Struggling with mental health issues and an ear disability, Bright advocates for these groups in her writing and via charitable organizations. Her main message is to never give up! On the really hard days, she suggests watching The Office and eating Cheetos.

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