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When Eden stumbles across an old sketchbook of her mother's while visiting Safina Island, her ancestral home, she's haunted by the images she sees drawn there. A creepy mansion covered with roots and leaves. A monstrous dog with dagger-sharp teeth. Children with deep indigo skin flecked with stars, mouths open as if to scream. And a tall woman with wind-blown hair and long sharp nails who is as beautiful as she is terrifying.

Eden's mother did these drawings many years ago—and she died last year. What could they mean? 

Days later, exploring the island alone, Eden follows a black cat through a rift in the bright day. She stumbles into Everdark, a parallel world where the sun never rises, where spirits linger between death and afterlife, and where everything from her mother's drawings is all too real—especially the Witch of Everdark, who wants to make Eden her eternal daughter.

Can Eden find a way to defeat the witch's magic? Or will she remain trapped in Everdark forever?


Karen Strong

Karen Strong is the author of critically acclaimed middle grade novels Just South of Home, which was chosen for several Best of Year lists including Kirkus Reviews Best Books, and Eden’s Everdark, a Junior Library Guild and BCCB Blue Ribbon selection. Karen is the editor of the young adult anthology Cool. Awkward. Black. She is also a Star Wars contributor featured in From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back and Stories of Jedi and Sith. Her speculative short fiction appears in the award-winning anthology A Phoenix First Must Burn. Born and raised in the rural South, she is a graduate of the University of Georgia, and an avid lover of strong coffee, yellow flowers, and night skies. 

Learn more about Karen on her website and follow her on Twitter!

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