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Item #79: 1 Hour Zoom Consult

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Want to write a novel and don't know where to start? Want to find out about the (traditional) publishing process, from someone who has been through it multiple times? Ever wanted to write your own choose-your-own-adventure story? Ruth Vincent is an author and game designer; her two fantasy novels were published by HarperCollins, and she is also the creator of the interactive fiction game, Changeling Charade, with Heart's Choice games. She is happy to answer your questions about all things related to writing, craft, querying, submissions, publishing, as well as game design!

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Ruth Vincent

Ruth Vincent is an author and game designer. Her Changeling P.I. fantasy series is currently available with HarperCollins, beginning with her debut novel, Elixir. Ruth recently released an interactive fiction game, Changeling Charade, with Heart’s Choice Games.

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Oxford University, she also works on the operations side of Broadway and TV. Ruth lives on Long Island with her family and a cockatoo who thinks he’s a dog.

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