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2023 Writers For Hope Auction Winners


with matching gifts

& round ups!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and bidders, we will have raised $8,338 once all bids, matching gifts, and round ups have been accounted for! This will support the vital work being done by the Every Voice Coalition and Lambda Legal.

See your name among our generous winners and wondering what you do next?

  • You have the option to donate all your bid to one organization or split it between the two.

  • Please donate your highest bid amount by FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2023

  • Once you've received a confirmation of your donation, please forward the receipt to In the body of the email, please include the Item # you have won and you will receive the information you need to get in touch with your donor. If you won a book, please include the address where you would like the book sent in your email. 

Didn't win the item you bid on, but still want to support Every Voice Coalition and/or Lambda Legal?

Click on the buttons above to donate directly to them.


Again, thank you for your continued support and generosity!!

Query Critiques:

First Pages Critiques:

Combo Critique Packages:

Full Manuscript Critiques

Writing Consultations:

Screenplay Critiques & Consultations:

Narration Consultations:

Name a Character:

Item #34: Name a character in a future Jen Ferguson book!

Winning bid: Jason Himsl, $125

Winning bid: Blaine Fleming, $100

Adult Books:


(Donated by Adam Bender)

Winning bid: Beth Brody, $25

Fractured Sky.jpg

(Donated by Catherine Cowles)

Winning bid: Lena Huang, $30


(Donated by Audrey Clare Farley)

Winning bid: Lorinda Ravo, $30


(Donated by Kellye Garrett)

Winning bid: Stacey, $21


(Donated by Kellye Garrett)

Winning bid: Sarah Warburton, $15


(Donated by Jaycee Jarvis)

Winning bid: Marci, $25


(Donated by Daniel O'Brien)

Winning bid: Morgan Collins, $1,000

12 Dukes Of Christmas.jpg

(Donated by Erica Ridley)

Winning bid: Mary Newton, $100


(Donated by Deb Rogers)

Winning bid: Lorinda Ravo, $25


(Donated by Courtenay Stallings)

Winning bid: Taryn Haas, $15


(Donated by Courtenay Stallings)

Winning bid: Jeff, $20

The Fraud Squad.jfif

(Donated by Kyla Zhao)

Winning bid: Nitya, $15

Young Adult Books:

The Poison Heart.jpg
The Wicked Fate.jpg

(Donated by Kalynn Bayron)

Winning bid: Anya, $35


(Donated by Dianne Bright)

Winning bid: Valerie, $12

Dating Makes Perfect.jpg

(Donated by Pintip Dunn)

Winning bid: George Dutton, $40


(Donated by Halli Gomez)

Winning bid: Ali Clark, $20

These Violent Delights.jpg

(Donated by Chloe Gong)

Winning bid: Joyce, $30

Foul Lady Fortune.jpg

(Donated by Chloe Gong)

Winning bid: Kane, $30

Modern Herstory.jpg

(Donated by Blair Imani)

Winning bid: Lilly M., $30

Fat Chance Charlie Vega Cover Medium.jpg

(Donated by Crystal Maldonado)

Winning bid: Lorinda Ravo, $25


(Donated by Crystal Maldonado)

Winning bid: George Dutton, $30

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 4.25.29 PM.png

(Donated by Joy McCullough)

Winning bid: George Dutton, $100

Into The Black.jpg

(Donated by Gabe Cole Novoa)

Winning bid: Brianar76, $15

Rising Gold.jpg


Wicked Bargain.jpg

(Donated by Gabe Cole Novoa)

Winning bid: Nitya, $30

Cool Awkward Black.jfif

(Donated by Karen Strong)

Winning bid: Ali Clark, $20


(Donated by Yvonne Ventresca)

Winning bid: Anna Watson, $50

Middle Grade Books:

The Wolf of Cape Fen.jpg

(Donated by Juliana Brandt)

Winning bid: Kane, $25

A Wilder Magic.jpg

(Donated by Juliana Brandt)

Winning bid: Ali Clark, $10


(Donated by Juliana Brandt)

Winning bid: Faydra, $15


(Donated by Samantha M. Clark)

Winning bid: Sam Scala, $17

From the Desk of Zoe Washington_front co

(Donated by Janae Marks)

Winning bid: C J McClellan, $35


(Donated by Karen Strong)

Winning bid: Joy McCullough  $15

Chapter Books:


(Donated by Samantha M. Clark)

Winning bid: Stacey, $21

Home For Meow.jpg
Home for Meow 2.jfif
Home For Meow 3.jfif
Home For Meow 4.jfif

(Donated by Reese Eschmann)

Winning bid: Jen F, $40

Picture Books:

A Jedi You Will Be.jpg

(Donated by Preeti Chhibber)

Winning bid: Katy Manck, $22

Unicorn Cover copy.jpg

(Donated by Joany Kane)

Winning bid: Siobhan, $25


(Donated by Charlotte Sullivan Wild)

Unicorn Cover copy.jpg

(Donated by Joany Kane)

Winning bid: Kristin, $20

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 9.00.43 AM.png

(Donated by Charlotte Sullivan Wild)

Winning bid: Ali Clark, $25


Tapestry Live At Hyde Park.jpg

(Donated by Carole King)

Winning bid: Siobhan, $50



(Donated by Bryan Anthonys)

Winning bid: Rebecca Petruck, $20


(Donated by Kelly Johnson)

Winning bid: Jenny, $43


(Donated by Litographs)

Winning bid: Katy Manck, $12

Writers Retreat Candle.png

(Donated by MarfDaze)

Winning bid: Dianne Bright, $15

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 4.24.10 PM.png

(Donated by Joy McCullough)

Winning bid: Sharon Levin, $85

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